Interlines and Finance


In co-operation with several Airlines we represent in this region, we will be able to connect interlines agreement between them. This will help extend Airlines network coverage geographically and at the same time provide the market with expanded service which will benefit all relevant parties


Pasa is a financially healthy company with yearly audited set of accounts. We conform strictly to local accounting regulations in the countries we operate in and have a track record of sound finance capabilities.
Our financial and accounting practices for partner Airlines we work with is a well designed and documented process leaving them with peace of mind that their investments are put to good use and returns are meticulously reported and paid in a timely and transparent fashion. Highlights of our financial functions:

- Provision of Bank Guarantee
- Billing and collection services
- On time payment/remittance
- Preparation and provision of required sales and accounting reports
- Refund processing
- Tax consultation
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